Saturday, March 24, 2012

Naming and Christening

Now that the hull refinishing is complete (except for the wax), part 2 of the renaming can proceed. Part 1 was getting the old name - Phoenix - and hailing port, off.  

We started with the hailing port as practice.  

Then it was on to the main event, the new name decals on each side.

On goes the decal...

Off comes the backing paper!!

And, of course, the new name has to be christened,

and then toasted.

Paperbird was the name of our first boat many boats ago.  She was named after a Roger Whittaker song that I used to listen to when soaring.  Soaring, however, is not much of a family activity.  So we decided to take up sailing instead.  Lyn chose the name Paperbird to mark the transition.  We thought it would be fitting to come full circle.  And so Paperbird will sail again! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Refinishing the hull

One of the not so fun projects on the list was to refinish the hull.  It had suffered several years of neglect and the oxidation was pretty bad. 

very professional scaffolding...

For better or worse, we found a "recommended" series of steps to restore the gelcoat.  Better because it works.  Worse because of the steps involved in getting there.  It starts with wetsanding the whole boat with 1000 grit sandpaper.  Then rubbing compound and a 20 lb polisher.  Followed by another pass with polish.

3 generations at work!

After the polishing is done, it's time for the waxing. Wax on - wax off.  Our shoulders never hurt so much!  We even got our grandson Noah in on the action.

How's this look?
Noah was great.  And he had to have his rag in his pocket!

The rag is a must have

Just 1 foot at a time.
After the sanding, compounding, polishing and waxing came time for the bottom paint.  A lovely shade of green!

the wedding hands picture, take 2...

zinc paint for the prop
Then some paint for the prop, new bootstripe paint and it's ready to splash!