Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Sail

For the 3 day weekend, we decided to head over to the Choptank River and play it by ear - or by wind, really.  We left Sat AM and sailed across the Bay in a slightly stronger than forecast southerly breeze.  Just about perfect sailing weather.  

We passed the infamous, and now abandoned, Sharpe's Island lighthouse.  Knocked a little crooked in 1977 by an ice floe, it's makes for good pictures!

We spent the first night in Baby Owl Cove.  It's a snug little bowl-shaped cove off Leadenham Creek.  Quiet, great holding for the anchor and very peaceful.  Of course, then we had to figure out our next stop.

We had to go for dinghy ride (had to), a short swim (still a little cool)...

and, of course, try a little fishing.  Very little... - fishing, not catching.  :-(

The next night we headed over to Flatty Cove just past Oxford.  Not a bad spot in a southerly breeze.  In anything else it would be a little rolly.  

We finally passed the breakin period on the new dinghy engine so we could have fun taking turns ripping around the anchorage!  

All in all, a fantastic weekend.  The sailing was excellent, the cool water kept the temps just right, and the fellowship great.

It feels like we're finally shifting from pure project mode to sailing mode.  Finally!