Thursday, April 12, 2012

Splash Day, 2012!

Almost exactly a year after we purchased Paperbird, she's in the water with her new name, new electrical system, chainplates, and so on. 

It's been a long winter filled with lots of projects, time spent dreaming of future voyages..

...lots of coffee...

Come on down for a cup of coffee!

... and great times talking with our friends Phil and Kathy, whose help, advice and fellowship has truly been fantastic all winter.  They have proven me a liar.  I always maintained that boatowners have no friends in the spring, only in the summer.  In the spring is all the work getting the boat ready for all the fun in the summer.  But Phil and Kathy have not only been steadfast in the spring, but all through the winter, helping with the dirtiest, crummiest chores and projects.  We are forever grateful and in their debt and are looking forward now to enjoying with them the summertime fruits of those labors.

Thank you!

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