Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Canvas enclosure

After looking at dozens of boats, and hundreds of photos online, we finally drew up what we wanted in a canvas enclosure.

Then we talked to several different vendors to get their advice and comment on our plans and to gauge how well we thought we could work with them.

After all that we settled on Dan Wood of Canvas Creations.  He did a great job.  The first night we had the enclosure, we cooked ribs on the grill and sat inside the warm enclosure on a cold, rainy evening.  It was fantastic!


  1. The new enclosure looks great. We have a full enclosure and love it. It really comes into it's element on cold Autumn days when we can sail in t-shirts while everyone else is wrapped up in their foul weather gear.
    We also have some panels that have sunbrella mesh instead of eisenglass. We use these on hot summer days because they provide excellent visibility, ventilation and much needed shade.


  2. The enclosure will bring an immeasurable plus to the quality of life aboard. Kudos, it looks great.